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Our office is dedicated to providing each of our patients with exceptional dental care and service. We strive to remain current on the latest advances in periodontal care so that our patients may benefit from our advanced knowledge and training. Your care is our top priority and we hope that our dedication to our profession shows in your care.

Bone Grafting

Bone loss in the jaw bone is common when one or more teeth have been lost due to injury, decay, or trauma. Without the tooth in place to stimulate the jaw bone, the bone around the missing tooth will begin to deteriorate.

We offer bone augmentation and bone grafting procedures to replace lost bone. Bone grafting can also restore the proper facial contours where bone is missing in the font of the mouth.

Ridge Preservation

When one or more teeth are extracted from the mouth, soft tissue and bone can begin to regress or collapse. Without the tooth root to stimulate it, the surrounding jaw bone will often begin to deteriorate shortly following the loss of a tooth. If there is significant bone loss, it may be impossible to place dental implants and may become more expensive, invasive, and time consuming to replace the lost bone.


Ridge (or socket) preservation is a type of bone grafting procedure that rebuilds and stabilizes bone where an extraction has left an empty socket.


Patients suffer anxiety at the mere thought of sitting in the dentist’s chair can rest comfortably during an appointment at our office. Our team offers relaxation dentistry including oral sedatives and local anesthetic.

Sinus Lift

Patients who have lost teeth in the upper premolar or molar areas of the jaw often require a sinus lift, or sinus augmentation, in order to have dental implants placed.

As a result of bone loss, the sinuses can expand to occupy the empty space where the bone used to be. With insufficient bone to securely place a dental implant, a sinus lift is necessary to move the sinus away from the roots of the teeth or to create additional bone in the area.

Ridge Augmentation

Often, after a tooth is removed, the bone in the jaw will begin to deteriorate and recede. The height and width of the socket, which was supported by the tooth, will begin to shrink after the tooth is removed. Many patients develop an indentation in the gums as a result of tooth and bone loss.

Ridge augmentation is a common procedure performed to help recreate the natural contour of the gums. 


Our Cone Beam Imaging system generates 3D, high definition x-rays within seconds. The panoramic images are remarkably clear, which helps with quickly diagnosing and treating dental ailments, while reducing unnecessary radiation exposure. 

Instead of using a conventional film, we use digital x-rays which allow us to reduce the amount of harmful radiation by nearly 90%. Since the pictures are in the computer, we can enhance the images to better diagnose conditions--often before they become problems.


The health and safety of our patients is our highest priority, which is why we utilize the most up-to-date technology in our office.


The choice is easy. If you’re looking for a caring, compassionate, knowledgeable Milwaukee periodontist and Dental Implant specialist, contact Dr. Eslami & Team Perio today.

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