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Multiple Missing Teeth

Multiple Missing Teeth in West Allis

Comparing Dental Implants to a Traditional Dental Bridge

A conventional partial bridge was frequently the treatment of choice for multiple missing teeth. Not anymore says West Allis periodontist Dr. Ahmad Eslami. Here’s why:

  • Bridges, which require existing teeth to function as supports, are structured in ways that are damaging to the natural teeth.
  • The wear and tear of bridges can even cause more tooth loss, according to studies.
  • Dental bridges do not stimulate the jaw bone, resulting in its deterioration over time.
  • Bone loss can lead to flaccid, sagging facial muscles.

Dental Implants: A Better Way to Replace Missing Teeth

West Allis Periodontist Dr. Eslami invites you to consider titanium-made dental implants instead. Dental implants are body-compatible, which means they integrate right into the bone for a tight, lasting fit. Dental implants also mimic real teeth roots that constantly stimulate the jaw to keep bone and facial muscles active and healthy. Patients who have dental implants never worry that their teeth are going to slip or move. Eating and speaking comes naturally. And dental implants from Dr. Eslami are so easy to take care of – they just need regular flossing, brushing and dental checkups.

Two Ways to Go with Dental Implants for Multiple Missing Teeth:

Implants in the exact places where teeth are missing: Dr. Eslami would prefer to put implants at the site of each missing tooth if you have enough bone in those places to support them. If you don’t, he may suggest some bone grafting first.

Implant-supported bridges: These are similar to the way a conventional bridge works except the bridge relies on dental implants to stay in place (the abutments) and not your real teeth. Implant-supported bridges protect your natural teeth from damage.

The Implant-supported Bridge Procedure:

  1. Dr. Eslami places your implants and then fits them with a temporary set of teeth, called a flipper, which you will wear for up to six months while the implants are fusing to your jaw bone.
  2. After your dental implants are fully integrated to your bone, Dr. Eslami will attach a new set of permanent teeth to them.

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